Sunday, 15 February 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hour Eyeshadow- Review

I have owned these two eyeshadows in my makeup collection for quite some time now. In fact they were one of the first ever makeup products I purchased. I opted for the colours 05-Eternal Gold and 35-On and on bronze. I went for these two colours as they are probably the most wearable and I have to tell you they have lasted me a very long time, which is useful since they aren't the most affordable eyeshadows costing £4.99 each when you can buy an entire palette of eyeshadows for that price, but then again they are a lot cheaper than if you were to buy high end eyeshadows. But I took the dive and definitely do not regret it one bit, and I will tell you why.

So firstly they are very compact and easy to carry so if you are travelling, you only need to take one or two eyeshadows rather than having to take an entire palette which saves a lot of room and is a lot more lightweight. Overall I prefer these individual eyeshadows over palettes because you get more choice in the colour of the shadow. When you buy a palette, you don't get to decide what colours are in there so you are always guaranteed to get at least one or two eyeshadows your will never use which is really a waste of money. However this way you can pick the ones you know you are going to wear the *bleep* out of, which in my opinion is fab.

So the quality of the eyeshadows are unbelievable considering they are drugstore products, they are very highly pigmented (however I did find the shade eternal gold to be a little less pigmented than the bronze so you just have to apply a little more product.) I find that with them being creme eyeshadows they are better to apply with your fingers rather than a brush because they are very drying and so they hard to work with, but from the heat with your fingers you can work them in better, the same goes for when your blending the eyeshadows together. I have to admit they are a lot more hard work than your average pressed eyeshadows but it is worth it in the end. The good thing is you can wear just one shade on its own, because the shadows are very much shimmery rather than matte, it still has an amazing finish. I tend to wear them on their own as an everyday look, but I do use both every now and then to create a more effortful look.

I absolutely love these products and would recommend them to anybody. I am going to purchase more shades, but I just want to make sure to buy shades I will get a lot of wear out of. Rating- 4.5/5.

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