Sunday, 1 February 2015

"Granny takes a dip"- Lush Bath Bomb Review

First of all can I just say, similarly to all the other products from lush how amazing this smells. It has a sweet yet subtle fragrance. So for those of you who tend to stand outside of lush due to there acclaimed overpowering scent (and you know who you are) I can assure you this is the perfect medium. 

I love the look and style of this bath bomb which is what drew me to purchasing it, however I found it to be slightly misleading. The bomb is a mixture of pink, blue, peachy rose and green which is how I assumed it would come out in my bath as it states on Lush's website; vibrant and colourful. And although each layer broke off in different colours, it very quickly faded into a reddy-toned purple.

On the other hand the results were sensational. The bath water was a rich silky consistency, coated with a thin layer of bubbles and ensuring for the most luxurious soak of a lifetime. I was officially on cloud 9. It left my skin feeling and smelling incredible and I would definitely re-purchase this product again at the extremely inexpensive price of £3.35. Rating- 4/5.

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